ID Printers

XID8300 The flexible solution for high quality smart id card personalization

A compact, yet powerful PVC ID card printer is indispensable in day-to-day operations of many educational, financial or industrial facilities. Matica’s XID 8300 is a versatile PVC ID card printer, offering crystal-clear printing through retransfer technology and a high card-per-hour output.

Matica’s PVC ID card printer XID 8300 at a glance:

  • Over-the-edge retransfer printing for the sharpest colors
  • Single or double-sided option to meet the demands of your organization
  • High-volume output of up to 120 cards per hour for a speedy turnaround
  • Compact size (343 x 322 x 360 mm) and modular design for scalability
  • A range of security features to ensure optimal safety and fraud protection

Firstly, retransfer over-the-edge printing technology allows for optimal clarity and security. Sharp, crystal-clear colors that cover the entire card surface and optional ultraviolet invisible security printing make XID 8300 the ultimate solution for the most demanding printing tasks. It allows a full range of design options from professional to creative that capture the individuality and quality of your brand or organization.

Secondly, this printing technology additionally allows for higher security against counterfeit, as well as the possibility to offer and regulate access. Depending on your demands, it all can be integrated within one PVC ID card printer.

Thirdly, the user-friendly design of this model offers a front-loading system that holds up to 200 blank cards and replaceable cartridges. This means that your staff can manage the whole process with minimal input and maximum productivity.

Lastly, an output of up to 120 cards an hour allows for a quick turnaround without compromising the quality and means that card issuance will not hold your organization back, even in the times of highest demand.

Key Features and Specifications:

  • 300 x 300 dpi
  • Superior print quality and reliability
  • Up to 120 cards per hour
  • Clustering with EDI Secure Connect IPM
  • Duplex printing
  • Magnetic and chip encoding
  • one pass
  • Single/ Dual-side lamination
  • Laser marking
  • Security: UV printing

Technical Specifications:
Method Dye sublimation, Thermal Transfer
Mode Retransfer
Resolution 300 dpi
Speed 120 cph
Encoding Magnetic stripe, Contactless chip
Format & materials ABS, ISO CR80, PC, PET, PVC
Feeder 200-card feeder
Connectivity Ethernet, USB
Printer dimensions (L x W x H) 343 x 322 x 360 mm