Product FRS

PAPILLON POLYFACE Automated Facial Recognition System

PAPILLON-POLYFACE is a system designed for automatically identifying or verifying persons from facial images and for organizing and maintaining facial databases.

Besides mugshots, the POLYFACE database contains individuals’ demographics data and verbal descriptions. Facial images can be acquired from various sources: files of standard graphics formats, digital cameras and flatbed scanners. Moreover, when used in conjunction with PAPILLON AFIS (Automated Fingerprint&Palmprint Identification System), text data and mugshots of each incoming tenprint are automatically exported from the AFIS to the POLYFACE database.

Key Capabilities

  • Entry, coding and database storage of photos of face and distinctive features, textual information and verbal description
  • Image acquisition from graphics files, digital cameras, flatbed scanners
  • Automatic searches by face data and generation of candidate lists
  • Compositing and search by verbal descriptions
  • Import of mugshots and textual data from tenprints stored in PAPILLON AFIS
  • Facial database management: ad hoc selection, sifting and editing of database records
  • Output of graphic and textual information for viewing and printing