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PAPILLON FILTER Express ID Check System

PAPILLON FILTER offers remote express identity checks by comparing touch fingerprints against the PAPILLON AFIS database in a real-time mode.

Captured with a forensic quality PAPILLON fingerprint scanner, plain impressions of one or two fingers (generally, of forefingers) are digitized and transferred through IP communications to the PAPILLON AFIS for matching. With the search completed, demographic information and mugshots (if any) from ALL tenprints found in the AFIS database as mates are automatically forwarded to the requester. In that way, the requestor can quickly and accurately verify the identity of subjects and, in the shortest possible time, elicit all necessary information on them including previous detentions, convictions, entry on wanted lists, etc.

Many years’ experience allows PAPILLON’s engineers to calculate exactly a processing power enabling an AFIS to operate a network of express ID check stations without failure.

PAPILLON FILTER is a system optimized for running Linux or Windows OS.

  • Personal computer or notebook (laptop)
  • PAPILLON fingerprint scanner
  • Communications enabling connectivity to the AFIS
  • PAPILLON FILTER software
  • Linux OS or Windows OS

No particular knowledge in the science of fingerprints is required from operators since all operations of requesting, data transmission and receiving search results are performed automatically. The operator is tasked only with capturing touch fingerprints.

The PAPILLON FILTER Express ID Check system has been awarded medals at the X and XI Security and Safety Technologies International Forums (February, 2005 and February, 2006 respectively), and a diploma of the IV International Conference “Informatization and Information Safety of Law Enforcement” held at the Administration Academy in the Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation (May, 2005).