Palmprint Livescanner ds45

PAPILLON DS-21C Livescan Fingerprint Device

  • manufactured as a separate optical unit driven by a backbone computer
  • The DS-21C is designed for the growing needs in the personal identity check application area (access control systems, background checks, biometric passports, etc.)
  • DS-21C complies with FBI's NGIS IQS EBTS Appendix F. Mobile ID FAP 10, certified in 2016.
  • The DS-21C provides an effective way of capturing clear and easily classifiable live touch-fingerprints.
  • The DS-21C uses the optical technology that enables producing high quality fingerprint images even of moist fingers.
Key Features and Specifications:
Resolution of resulting images 500 ppi (500 pixels per inch)
Dynamic Range 8 bpp (8 bit per pixel)
Signal–To–Noise Ratio Minimum: 40 db
Sensing Area touch fingerprint platen
Scan Area 20 x 20 mm
Image Area (Maximum): 20 x 20 mm
Time for scanning a fingerprint < Maximum 2.5 seconds
Image COmpression Method WSQ – compression (Maximum: 1:15)
Image Quality Complies with FBI’s “Image Quality Specification for Single Finger Capture Devices”, CJIS-Division, v. 71006, 10 July 2006, In preparation for certification
Fake Finger Detection Yes
Elastic Coating (Membrane) Yes
Moisture Discrimination Yes
Interface USB 2.0 (480 Мbit/sec)
Power Supply 5 V(USB)
Power Input Maximum: 1 Watt
Scanner Size (W x D x H) 53 x 110 x 30 mm
Scanner Weight 0.17kg
Operating Systems Windows, Linux